Hi! I'm Eduard, and this is my blog where I teach you about freelancing and making money online, web design, and general self-improvement.

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But if you're just here to learn more about me, here are some facts:

  • I'm a freelance web developer. I build and work on online stores using the Shopify platform.
  • My girlfriend; Kristina, is a UX/UI designer. We run our business together - she designs the websites, then I build them. We learn a lot from each other.
  • I was born in Belarus, grew up in Australia, and now I live in Poland. Hence I struggle every time someone asks me where I'm from!
    English is my first language though, and I speak with an Australian accent. I really like the idea of global citizenship.
  • I'm really into minimalism, self-reliance, and living in a sustainable way, in harmony with the environment.
    I've always dreamed about retiring to a small hut near the woods, growing my own food, raising some chickens, a goat, an alpaca...

If you want to get in touch with me, email eduard.fastovski@gmail.com. You can also contact me on: